Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the most important marketing opportunities today, and one that is available to all businesses no matter how big or small. If you’re not engaging with your clients and potential clients on social media, you are missing out on valuable business opportunities.

By regularly engaging with clients and potential clients through social media, you can make sure that your product or service is the first they think of when they need to make a purchase. By using social media marketing, you can drive interest in your product while interacting with customers who in turn will help you spread your marketing reach to other people that they know.

Social media isn’t just about raising awareness and getting the word out though, these campaigns can bring in an incredible amount of revenue both through immediate sales and through the large amount of leads you’ll get access to that weren’t previously available to you.

How Complas Can Help You

We offer a diverse range of services to help you maximise your business potential.

  • Design and implement a custom social media marketing strategy, created to meet the requirements of your market as well as that of your budget.
  • Implementation of custom social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Youtube.
  • We can help you gain Twitter followers, Youtube views, Facebook Likes and more
  • The creation and addition of social media buttons to your website to allow people to share your content and engage easily.
  • Install a blog on your website and integrate it with all your social media so that all content is easily shared with all of your followers on every platform.
  • The creation and implementation of email marketing campaigns.
  • Search engine optimisation of your social media pages to get them on the first page of Google.
  • Monitor your social media and provide assistance where necessary.
  • Press releases written and sent to major web, media and local publications.


Boost Your Website in Google

Social media is a significant indication of the popularity of a website and by engaging on social media you can help your search engine optimisation campaign and potentially give a large increase to your natural ranking within Google.

Engage with Powerful E-mail Marketing

If your customers and clients provide you with their email address, then you have the opportunity to create a mailing list and to market to them through it. By keeping your customers informed of new products and services as well as other news they might find interesting, you can market to people again and again an provide them with more opportunities to buy.

We Can Help

If you’d like us to help you increase your social presence online or to improve your search engine rankings then please call us on 03 9005 2293 or email us today to discuss a custom campaign for your business.