Register a Domain Name


* = $14.50 for 1 year, = $14.50 for 1 year, .com = $18.95 for 1 year, .net = $22.95 for 1 year. All prices include GST.

 Why do I need a domain name?

A domain name is a unique identifier for your website. Just as a physical shop has a physical address your website must have a web address - a domain name.

Domain names are unique and each one can only be registered by one person or company. Typically companies register a domain name which includes their company name, an abbreviation or something to do with their core area of business to help customers easily identify them.

 Do I need more than one domain name?

Many businesses register several cheap domain names to help represent their business and we recommend you at least get a domain name and a .com domain name.

As an Australian business a registered domain name will help boost your local search rankings and help you stand out as an Australian company while a .com domain name is an international standard.

 If I already have a domain name can I transfer it?

Transferring a domain name to us is no problem. The transfer process varies depending on the domain extension you have, if you have any questions please contact our support staff by phone or email.

What benefits do I get by registering my domain with ComplasWeb?

Our cheap domain names come with powerful benefits:

  • Free DNS Hosting
    You'll only pay for registration and renewal charges.
  • Free URL Forwarding
    Forward your domains to other sites online.
  • Change DNS Settings For Free
    You can change your DNS whenever you like, as often as you like.
  • Unlimited DNS Records For Free
    No additional charge for creating DNS records.
  • Telephone And Email Support Available For Free
    Our support team is available any time to help you set up your DNS.