CrashPlan PRO

ComplasWeb is a Certified Agent for Code 42 in Australia

Unlimited Backup

  • Suitable for basic website
  • $19.50 / month*
  • Up to 4 computers per user included
  • Ticket support
  • Phone support Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm
  • Australian data centre

* Prices are in Australian dollars, and include GST. A $25 set up fee applies.


Automatic Backups
Continuous Backups

Crashplan offers both continuous backups and backups on a custom schedule that works for you. File verification ensures accuracy, which prevents loss or corruption.

Intelligent Backups

Avoid losing the work you’re doing right now with CrashPlan for Small Businesses. This backs up the file you’re working on right now, letting you go back to a precise file or folder version when necessary.

Multiple Backup Sets

Find that some files need to be backed up more often than others? With backup sets, you can customise scheduling for certain folders or files. Choose how often each folder gets backed up and save time.

Unlimited storage, easy device backup
Unlimited backup

With Crashplan, you can backup files no matter their sizes. You’ll never have to worry what restoring your files will cost you. By design, we minimise the amount of CPU power we use and keep the backup process as efficient as possible.

External drive backup

There is no extra fee to backup multiple destinations. External hard drives can be removed and reattached later without the backup needing to be restarted.